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24 February 2019

1st Advanced Users School

The first Advanced Users School of The European Network of Fourier-Transform Ion-Cyclotron-Resonance Mass Spectrometry Centers funded by the EU (Grant n° 731077) will be organized from 14th to (...)

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20 October 2018


Sclero-Prot is a project to "characterize blood biomarkers" to improve the management of patients with systemic sclerosis, the most serious autoimmune disease. It is a project in collaboration (...)

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5 December 2017

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Combinatorial regulation of hepatic cytoplasmic signaling and nuclear transcriptional events by the OGT/REV-ERBα complex. Alexandre Berthier, Manjula Vinod, Geoffrey Porez, Agata Steenackers, (...)

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Nouvelle traduction : Parcours d’Excellence

Parcours d’Excellence - Découverte de l’Université des Sciences. theodore-monod-roubaix
As part of (...)