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Coordinator: Christian Rolando

The current contracting saw the growing power of FT-ICR 2D theme was announced in the projects of the USR but not started. A mass spectrometer provides access to both types of information for a molecule that are mass and structural information obtained by fragmentation.

To a mixture, the mass information is obtained by an MS spectrum while the structural information requires a MS / MS spectrum of the mixture per molecule. A mass spectrometer identifies ten thousand molecules in a complex mixture making it impossible to obtain all structural data.

The ion cyclotron resonance devices allow for the most resolute measures masses (m / delta (m) exceeds ten million) with an accuracy of ten ppb (parts per billion), which provides the empirical formula CxHyNzOvSw ... organic compounds to the weight of 1000 Daltons or resolved measurement of the isotopic mass of an antibody (mass 150,000 Da).

Our goal was to develop the techniques of multidimensional Fourier transform that develop at once complete structural data regardless of the complexity of the mixture.
The development of computer applications for the FT-ICR 2D project is carried out by engineer Marc Haegelin.