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Quality Approach

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Since 2010, under the responsibility of Christian Rolando, our platform is committed to a quality approach. Our system will evolve to comply with the requirements of the standard NFX 50-900 by AFNOR certification body.

Management system incorporating a quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 - Requirements for technological research platforms in the life sciences.

Wishing to continue the harmonious development of fundamental high-level research and a research partnership focused innovation, MSAP unit decided to engage in a quality approach in order to improve efficiency and the joint partner satisfaction and Guardianship.

The main target improvements include:

  • The interactions between the different teams
  • Effectiveness (traceability, capitalization of skills and knowledge, centralization of information)
  • Measurement quality and reliability of the devices (preventive maintenance);
  • The image of the unit with respect to the outside.