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Étude de la stœchiométrie de des protéines liées à l’amidon :
vers des programmes novateurs pour la sélection et la production
de nouvelles variétés de pomme de terre

Directeur : Christophe D’HULST (UGSF Lille)
Co-directeur : Caroline TOKARSKI (MSAP Lille)
Thésard : Stanislas Helle

Starch is currently the main source of carbohydrate in food for human and livestock. It is also used as food additive, glue, bioplastic and biofuel. Nevertheless, the mechanisms of synthesis and degradation are still not well understood. From a fundamental point of view, the objectives are to identify the whole proteins bound to starch granule and to establish their stoichiometry using quantitative proteomics. Afterward, the purpose will be to compare the proteomes from different morphology of granules, and to miniaturize the protocols until the analysis of a single granule. From an applied research point of view, the collaboration of the company Florimond Desprez to this project will allow the application of the developed methods for the selection of new potatoes variety.