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Bouclon Julien

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Doctorant - Lille 1

Contact :
Floor: sous sol
office: 8
phone: (+33) 03 20 33 59 54


Fourier Transform Mass spectrometry (FT-ICR): 2 and multltidimensional acquisition and data processing for fast parallel acess to all MS/MS data from an MS spectrum

While 2D FT-ICR/MS has yet to become a viable method of chemical analysis, it holds great promise that can be realized by exploring the various methods that have been built for 2D NMR spectroscopy. Technological advances in computer science make it possible to apply the methods that were developed for the relatively small datasets in 2D NMR spectroscopy to 2D mass spectrometry in order to obtain sensitive, well-resolved 2D spectra that can give us good structural information on complex samples.