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The platform of proteomics has many software for analyzing proteomics data. That understand the spectra and chromatograms processing software appliances to builders bioinformatics solution.
Proteomic platfform has :
- DELL Power Edge R920 with 4 processors Intel Xeon E7-4850v2 à 2,3GHz 12 core, 512Go de RAM, 2 disks 1.6 To SSD SATA, 8 disks 1 To Nearline SAS 6 Gbps 7200 Tpm.
- Rack Dell NetShelter SX 24U.
- Mascot Server 2.5 et Mascot Daemon
- Mascot Distiller 2.5
- PEAKS 7.0 Bioinformatics Solutions Inc
- Proteome discover 2.1 Thermo Scientific
- LC-Progenesis et Same Spot NonLienar Dynamics
- Byonic
- Proteome Deconvolution 4.0

Free IT solutions are implemented as :
- MaxQuant, Perseus
- MSConvert
- MSDeconv
- MS Align +, TopPIC

These software are used for protein identification with bottom up strategy, modifications post traductionnal, quantification (with or without labeling) , identification of glycosylation or phosphorylation, protein Top Down MSMS analysis.