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European Nework of FT-ICR is funded

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European Nework of FT-ICR (Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance) Mass spectrometer centers

The aim of the EU_FT-ICR proposal is to establish a European network of FT-ICR (Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance) mass spectrometry centers in association with hardware and software developer SME, a manufacturer and a European consulting company for answering the call INFRAIA-02-2017 (RIA) Integrating Activities for Starting Communities.

The EU_FT-ICR network will include 12 FT-ICR centers and 4 companies, of which 12 have already given their agreement, from 10 different European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom). It will include center equipped with up-to-date FT-ICR MS and expertise which will cover most of the field in which FT-ICR mass spectrometry is involved : BioOrganic & BioInorganic, Cultural heritage, Glycomics, Environment, Imaging, InfraRed Spectroscopy of Ions in the Gas Phase, Lipidomics, Medecine, Petroleum & Coal Oil, Nanoparticles, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Proteomics, Structural biology.