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par Fabrice BRAY - publié le

van Agthoven, M. A., Wootton, C. A., Chiron, L., Coutouly, M. A., Soulby, A., Wei, J., ... & O’Connor, P. B. (2016). Two-dimensional mass spectrometry for proteomics, a comparative study with cytochrome c. Analytical chemistry, 88(8), 4409-4417.

Sehgal, A. A., Pelupessy, P., Rolando, C., & Bodenhausen, G. (2016). Theory for spiralling ions for 2D FT-ICR and comparison with precessing magnetization vectors in 2D NMR. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18(13), 9167-9175.

Verbeke, J., Penverne, C., D’Hulst, C., Rolando, C., & Szydlowski, N. (2016). Rapid and sensitive quantification of C3-and C6-phosphoesters in starch by fluorescence-assisted capillary electrophoresis. Carbohydrate Polymers, 152, 784-791.

Chiron, L., Coutouly, M. A., Starck, J. P., Rolando, C., & Delsuc, M. A. (2016). SPIKE a Processing Software dedicated to Fourier Spectroscopies. arXiv preprint arXiv:1608.06777.

Penhoat, M., Vanbésien, T., Cocud, A., Addad, A., Vezin, H., & Rolando, C. (2016). PTFE supported gold nanoparticles as photocatalysts for oxidative esterification of aldehydes. New Journal of Chemistry, 40(11), 9460-9470.

El Achi, N., Penhoat, M., Bakkour, Y., Rolando, C., & Chausset‐Boissarie, L. (2016). Continuous UV‐Flow Microsystem for Efficient Radical Generation from Organotrifluoroborates by Photoredox Catalysis. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2016(25), 4284-4288.