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by Olga PLECHAKOVA - published on

Proteomics platform Unit saw its IBiSA label (Infrastructures in Biology Health and Agronomy) renewed twice in 2010 and 2013 and is one of the sites of TGE FT-ICR.

The platform has also been labeled platform SIRIC (Site Integrated Research on Cancer) from Lille in 2013. It is open to all research teams from the University of Lille and the extent of its possibilities, teams external to the University.

Three types of services are offered by the platform:

  • Direct access to instruments
  • Carrying out analyzes without taking in charge their interpretation
  • Collaborations that often represent larger-scale projects.

The platform has different analysis software MASCOT Distiller Proteome Discoverer, Peaks 7, Proteome Deconvolution, the software suite for MALDI TOF and TOF-TOF, the FT-ICR. And a server with databases Swissprot, but also internal NCBI databases.

The aim of the Proteomics Platform is to provide teams that cater to her equipment, scientific competence and know-how tailored to questions, from the simplest (identification of proteins from an organism fully sequenced) to more complex (quantification of changes, dynamics of post-translational modifications, ...), as part of collaborations and benefits.

The platform performs:

  • Protein identification by enzymatic digestion
  • Quantification of protein per method Label Free or SILAC
  • Intact protein analysis by Top Down
  • Analysis of post-translational modifications (phosphorylation, glycosylation ...)
  • Enrichment of glyco or phosphopeptides or proteins
  • Analysis of samples of cultural heritage, archeology or paleontology

The means of access to the platform and rates for various services are available here
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