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par Olga PLECHAKOVA - publié le

EU_FT-ICR_MS proposal aims to establish a European network of FT-ICR (Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron
Resonance) mass spectrometry (MS) centers in association with a manufacturer and a SME software company. Mass spectrometry (MS) has become the most ubiquitous analytical techniques in use today, providing more information on the composition and the structure of a substance from a smaller amount of sample than any other techniques.
The Project has 4 objectives :

  • 1. Provide the EU academic, SME and industrial communities’ with access to world-class FT-ICR MS centers.
  • 2. Build an EU community of end-users and FT-ICR MS scientists.
  • 3.Open access to data and open source software to the EU FT-ICR MS network.
  • 4. Strengthen the FT-ICR MS application fields by promoting innovative and cooperative research between European FT-ICR MS academic scientists and private companies(instrumentation and software).

The site is equipped with a 9.4 Tesla Bruker hybrid SolariX XR FT-ICR mass spectrometer fitted with ESI, nano-ESI and MALDI ion sources. CID (collision cell), SORI-CID, ECD, ETD, and IRMPD activations are available and may be combined.
Specificities and expertise

  • Bidimensional (2D) acquisition with high resolution on parent ions using NonUniformSampling acquisition
  • Cultual heritage and archaological samples (lipids, proteins).
  • Chemical depolymerization of natural and synthetic organic polymers (lignin, polyolefins, siccativated oils...) and compex mixture analysis.

contact :
Site responsible : Christian ROLANDO
Local contact : Fabrice BRAY